Weird Stuff for Weird People

I dunno if anyone here ever gets tired of working their butt off to make other people look good. Anyway, for Brock and Cindi, that's twenty-four seven.

These rock and roll outsider-art greasemonkeys are the only shop in town when it comes to fabricating legendary artefacts for mythical heroes...

Thor's hammer, Hanuman's staff, Jason's Golden Fleece - it's Brock and Cindi who knock it all together.

And it probably comes as no surprise that mythical heroes make really douchey clients.

Far above the ground, Brock and Cindi flee a Roc. Cindi is clutching one of its feathers

Protective Gear Recommended

Brock & Cindi is a magical, fuel injected rollerderby based (insultingly loosely) on an ancient Norse legend, and will support endless 13 minute reset adventures in a genre-busting pandimensional playground.

Each episode sees Brock and Cindi commissioned to create some particular piece of strange gear, for some particularly strange client. Every job comes with a zillion challenges.

Maybe the ingredients are rare and complicated to get hold of. Maybe there's an accident in the workshop. Maybe the client pays them in stolen dreams. Let's face it, usually it's about Brock and Cindi trying to get along.

Brock & Cindi will rock audiences 8-adult. For a full pitch bible including more detail about the characters and stories of Brock and Cindi, reach out to us using the contact form.

Brock and Cindi in a cave of brightly coloured crystals. Both are wearing hard-hats with lights.

Bringing it all to life

Scott Edgar

Scott is well known in Australia as a comedian and musician, and has worked extensively in games and animation as a writer, actor and artist. Clients include the Cartoon Network, Ubisoft and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.

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Jarrod Prince

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